The Energy Futurist

The Energy Futurist brings a critical eye to the energy industry, offering facts and figures to support or debunk the hype behind clean technologies like solar and wind to oil and gas.


What EROI tells us about ROI

Energy futurist Chris Nelder explains why you can run from EROI, but you can't hide, and why savvy energy investors should use it as a guide instead of ROI.


Everything you know about shale gas is wrong

Is the shale gas gold rush over? Energy futurist Chris Nelder reviews new data showing that U.S. gas production is actually declining in major areas, and that the outlook for shale gas is increasingly...


The politics of peak oil

Energy futurist Chris Nelder reviews some recent press on peak oil, and tries to set the record straight about what it means, and why some in the press still get it wrong.