Rethinking Healthcare

Rethinking Healthcare examines innovation in the health care industry covering topics such as electronic and personal health records, treatment, privacy, regulation and using information technology to


Apples are the next great dietary fad

All the ingredients are there for a massive food fad, on the order of the Atkins' no-carb frenzy of several years ago. I don't know if the study's authors know this yet, but if you want to make some s...


The imaginary disease isn't

The virus that may cause chronic fatigue is called XMRV and it may also be in the bodies of men who suffer from a virulent form of prostate cancer.


Compliance wars feature data, sticks and charisma

Celebrity-chef Jamie Oliver has made healthy eating a crusade. His latest effort takes him to Huntington, West Virginia, where he hopes to teach the locals that if you take pride in cooking your own f...