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Tesla, Daimler to collaborate on electric Mercedes-Benz

Tesla, Daimler to collaborate on electric Mercedes-Benz

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Tesla Motors announced Wednesday that it will work with Daimler to help develop a new, electric Mercedes-Benz model.

Tesla Motors is hard at work on its own line of high-end electric vehicles, including the Roadster, the upcoming Model S, and the recently announced falcon-winged Model X crossover.

But the electric vehicle company also does contract work for more established automakers. Toyota's forthcoming RAV4 EV will feature a Tesla powertrain, and Daimler subsidiary Smart's Fortwo electric car is already on the market.

Now, Tesla is set to partner once again with Daimler, this time on an electric Mercedes-Benz. Tesla will provide battery packs, motor, gearbox, inverter, and related software for the luxury model.

While details about the new Mercedes have yet to be revealed, the announcement was made on Wednesday, less than a week after Tesla unveiled its Model X crossover (which in that time has already brought in 500 reservations, according to the LA Times).

Tesla also announced on Wednesday that the company expects its revenue to triple in 2012, with the launch of its Model S sedan - the company has received 8,000 pre-orders. Meanwhile, in the fourth quarter, Tesla posted a net loss of $81.5 million ($254.4 million for the year).

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