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Leaked photos of Infiniti Emerg-E supercar concept

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Leaked photos of Infiniti's forthcoming Emerg-E supercar ahead of its official debut at the Geneva auto show reveal a sleek, sharp design.

Infiniti is set to publicly debut its Emerg-E concept car at the Geneva Motor Show next month. But interested parties can get a sneak peek at what the super car will look like, thanks to leaked pictures via Carscoop. The car's sleek design includes an extended sunroof, which allows a view of the rear engine.

Following a slew of teasers and videos dating back to November, these images have recently emerged after patent drawings of the new model circulated a couple of weeks ago.

Infiniti's Electric Sports Car Concept will be powered by a 1.2-liter internal combustion range extender, in addition to a battery and electric motor, according to GT This new model, Infiniti's most advanced yet, showcases the automaker's new direction and design.

We'll know more about the car's specs after its Geneva debut on March 6. In the meantime, head over to Carscoop for all twelve images of the new model.

via [Carscoop]

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