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How Chinese drivers avoid speeding tickets

How Chinese drivers avoid speeding tickets

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Resourceful Chinese motorists have found ways to cheat the radar system that identifies speeding cars by their license plates.

In the U.S., speeding motorists are usually pulled over by siren-blaring police cars. In China, however, drivers are not stopped on the highway. As is common practice in a number of countries, Chinese drivers get their tickets in the mail, after radars identify speeding cars by their license plate numbers. A typical traffic ticket costs around 200 yuan ($32).

Naturally, resourceful citizens may be tempted to cheat the system. As Car News China reports (via The Truth About Cars), Chinese drivers have resorted to everything from toothpaste to sanitary napkins to hide or otherwise distort their license plate numbers.

Recently, the practice has even created commercial opportunities: drivers can now purchase license-plate-number stickers (see image), which they can place over the original plate numbers.

Though it seems like a cleverly deceptive way around the law, should drivers be caught using stickers to fake their plate numbers, they can get up to 15 days in prison, an 1800 yuan ($285) fine, and the loss of their license.

Photos: via [Car News China]

via [Car News China, The Truth About Cars]

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