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Google Maps now has live transit updates

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Google announces real-time public transport updates, and delay notifications for Google Maps and the Android.

One of the worst things about taking public transportation, is not knowing when the next train or bus is going to arrive. To alleviate some of your transportation woes -- Google, today, announced real-time public transport updates, and delay notifications for Google Maps and the Android. The feature kicks off in six cities -- San Francisco, San Diego, Boston, Portland, Oregon, Madrid and Turin -- though the aim is to eventually expand to other places.

In the trial cities,  users can click on public transit stations and get estimated arrival times, and service alerts specific to that stop.

Google is getting into transportation in a big way. The company recently added a feature to Google Maps to help cars avoid traffic jams, and it's only a matter of time before its driverless car will be sitting next to you at the red light.

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