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Welcome new Thinking Tech editor Dan Nosowitz

Welcome new Thinking Tech editor Dan Nosowitz

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We say goodbye to Thinking Tech editor Dana Blankenhorn and hello to a new one: Dan Nosowitz.

As we say goodbye to founding Thinking Tech editor Dana Blankenhorn (who will continue to write at our Rethinking Healthcare blog), we say hello to a new contributing editor: Dan Nosowitz.

Based in San Francisco, Dan cut his teeth at the fast-and-furious gadget blog Gizmodo, and has written about everything from Silicon Valley to consumer electronics to greentech.

On SmartPlanet, Dan will cover what we like to call "big tech," which includes everything from NASA and DARPA to robotics, supercomputers, hybrid cars, high-speed rail and aerospace breakthroughs.

(He's already fast out of the gates, too: see his posts about Pepsi's chip factories, DARPA's WebMD for the military and an amazing, recently-declassified amphibious robotic snake.)

Dan moonlights as a correspondent for Fast Company and is the founder and editorial director of Oh Em Gee., a pop culture criticism collective based in Montreal.

He's a native of Philadelphia, and holds a degree in English literature from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Please welcome him. --The Editors

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