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Coming soon: An electric airplane for only $34,000

Coming soon: An electric airplane for only $34,000

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A new video gives a rare glimpse of what's been billed as the world's first affordable electric airplane.

Last year, a little known start-up generated a lot of excitement within the aviation community when they introduced the Flynano, an aircraft billed as the worlds first affordable electric airplane.

At the time, the developers released some tantalizing details about the aircraft. For instance, it was ultra-lightweight, coming in at a mere 155 pounds thanks to a body frame made entirely of lightweight carbon fiber composite materials. It also comes in three different flavors, which includes a model equipped with a 20kW all-electric engine capable of a top speed of 87 mph and a range of 25 miles on a full charge. Prices started at about $34,000 and you wouldn´t even need a pilots license to operate one.

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Sound too good to be true? Well, many of you did question the company´s legitimacy, namely because no one´s ever seen the darn thing actually fly.

So to convince the doubters that, yes, it´s a real airplane and, yes, there are plans to sell the plane, the company recently posted footage of the Flynano conducting test flights.

A final design is scheduled for next year with a launch date at the end of 2013. But let´s hope by then the Flynano can deliver on the promised pricing.

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