Thinking Tech

Big technologies such as aerospace, defense and supercomputing and the systems, infrastructure and innovation that support them.


"Under our Skin" tops my five must-see documentaries

Under our Skin is a MUST SEE for anyone living around or tramping through the woods. It's about Lyme's Disease and how the medical establishment has failed to recognize it as a serious killer much les...


Ten tips from a Twitterer in the Trenches

Mix up the tweets: I have a formula for my tweet stream. It’s 33/33/33 and no more than 10/day (that's a third retweets, a third replies and a third original content...journalists think original conte...


Can United Airlines raise its Twitter grade?

Twitter messages for United remain overwhelmingly negative. Here's a mild example: "Ouch, United Airlines just canceled UA7973, that means I will spend 9 hours in Richmond Airport..." Conversely, twee...