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Nike+ SportWatch GPS: Pacesetter

Nike+ SportWatch GPS: Pacesetter

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Nike's new sportwatch keeps time and helps you improve your performance.

Need a personal trainer? The Nike+ SportWatch GPS won't bark at you like a military drill instructor, but it does promise to motivate you and measure your progress along the way.

The digital watch keeps track of calories burned, pace and distance just like the exercise machine at the gym, but it will also -- crucially -- remind you when it's time to run.

While you're out, it will offer motivation to keep you going. And once you get back, a web-based interface uses the data from the built-in TomTom GPS sensor to show you on a map where you've been. You can also see your performance in various graphs and charts and set goals for the next go, if you're so inclined. (The brave can share them with others.)

All you have to do is lace up and get moving. But don't worry -- it'll remind you.

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is available from the company's online store as well as various sporting goods stores. $169.

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