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Welcome to SmartPlanet's cities blog: Solving Cities

Welcome to SmartPlanet's cities blog: Solving Cities

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Welcome to SmartPlanet's newest blog, Solving Cities. From urbanism to infrastructure to government 2.0 to green building, contributor Tyler Falk will bring us the latest news and help us understand how it affects the world's population centers.

Welcome to SmartPlanet’s newest blog, Solving Cities!

Solving Cities is a daily observation of the news through the lens of the metropolis, analyzing the physical and digital infrastructure and systems that make urban areas work more intelligently.

Our man in the crow's nest: Tyler Falk.

Tyler Falk is a freelance journalist based in Indianapolis, Indiana who specializes in covering urban sustainability and the environment.

On Solving Cities, he'll be covering topics such as urbanism and urban planning, public works infrastructure of all kinds -- from energy to telecommunications to sewage -- government 2.0 initiatives and even green building.

A graduate of Goshen College, he was previously an editorial assistant for Grist.

Please welcome him!

–The Editors

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