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This is every pedestrian's dream

This is every pedestrian's dream

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When a car parked in a crosswalk, one Brazilian group did something every pedestrian wishes they could do.

Like a car cutting off another driver, nothing gets pedestrians more infuriated than drivers stopping in the middle of a crosswalk. Pedestrians have many ways of showing their frustration when these moments occur. There's the side-panel-pounding pedestrian; the frantically-screaming-like-you-were-hit pedestrian; the glare-and-move-on pedestrian; and, of course, the pedestrian who does all of the above.

But here's one tactic you probably haven't seen (but have always wished you could do):

This fantastic find comes from John Metcalfe at The Atlantic Cities. It's a hilarious, unexpected video (imagine what the driver must have thought!), but as Metcalfe points out the local Rotary Club in Florianópolis, Brazil that pulled off the stunt is doing this because of some less-than-funny statistics:

It's a timely effort, given that Brazil's rate of pedestrian fatalities is on the rise partly due to more cars on the road. While Argentina saw about 10 traffic-related deaths out of 100,000 people in the last decade, and Chile about 11, Brazil has entered the dangerous territory of nearly 20 fatalities per 100,000 people, with motorcycle riders and pedestrians being especially at risk of injury.

The Best Way to Deal With Crosswalk-Blocking Drivers Ever [The Atlantic Cities]

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