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Inside Oakland's pop-up neighborhood

Inside Oakland's pop-up neighborhood

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See how entrepreneurs in a downtown Oakland neighborhood are taking the idea of a pop-up store to a new level.

Entrepreneurs in Oakland are taking the idea of a pop-up store to another level.

Small businesses and startups are moving into empty downtown storefronts to encourage more local retail and revitalize a downtown Oakland neighborhood, taking the approch that many pop-up stores are better than one. Popuphood, a "small business incubator," gives local retail stores the opportunity to occupy building space for six rent-free months, with the hope that the store will become a permanent fixture in the neighborhood.

"These partnerships that we're making, this is the new model. It's no longer going to be put in a big-box store somewhere and hope that everyone else follows suit," said Sarah Filley, founder of popuphood, in the documentary below. "Old Oakland has got the highest walk score in all of Oakland, it has wonderful restaurants, great clubs, the only thing missing was retail."

Check out the short documentary to see how popuphood and local entrepreneurs are striving to revitalize downtown Oakland.

POPUPHOOD from Eva Kolenko on Vimeo.

[Via The Pop-Up City]

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