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What's up with that new 'CNET' bar?

What's up with that new 'CNET' bar?

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SmartPlanet becomes a "CNET Professional" brand today. Here's why.

Beginning today, you might notice a new addition to SmartPlanet's website: a black bar that says "A CNET Professional Brand."

If you aren't familiar, SmartPlanet is one of several CBS Interactive websites dedicated to all things technology. CNET (consumer tech), ZDNet (business tech) and TechRepublic (info tech) are all sister sites to SmartPlanet. The latter two are also business-minded sites.

This bar, and the "CNET Professional brand" designation, is intended to showcase a closer relationship among the brands. We think they do a damn good job at what they do, and the feeling's mutual. As such, we think anyone who visits our site may be interested in them, and vice-versa.

Will that change what SmartPlanet covers? Not at all. It's just a way for us to show you when you visit that we come from a bigger family -- and perhaps interest you in some of the good stuff they're producing.

Like it? Hate it? As always, let us know.

-- The Editors

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Andrew Nusca

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