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Smart vending machines lower prices on hot days

Smart vending machines lower prices on hot days

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Vending machines know when temps rise so they can adjust prices to make cold beverages more affordable.

Here's one reason to celebrate the heat: On hot days you can enjoy big discounts on vending machine soft drinks in Spain.

Spanish marketing agency Momentum has installed 18 smart vending machines around the country that adjust the price of beverages depending on how hot it is.

Discovery News reports on the pricing structure:

"Up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit and the price is 2 euros or about $2.45. From 78 degrees F to slightly above 84, the price lowers to about 1.4 euros or $1.70. Anything over 86 degrees F and the drinks are 1 euro or $1.22. Special software allows the machine to automatically adjust."

The vending machines, which sell a lemonade product, were installed in water parks and amusements parks. And prices will remain temperature dependent through September.


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