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NASA awards next round of Commercial Crew Development funding

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NASA has awarded four companies---Boeing, Blue Origin, Sierra Nevada and Spacex---contracts to develop the next phase of its Commercial Crew Development Vehicle (CCDev2).

NASA has awarded four companies contracts to develop the next phase of its Commercial Crew Development Vehicle (CCDev2).

The agency gave the following companies contracts under the Space Act Agreement:

  • Boeing: $92.3 million;
  • Sierra Nevada Corp.: $80 million;
  • SpaceX: $75 million;
  • Blue Origin: $22 million.

The awards are part of NASA's plan to outsource a low-Earth orbit vehicle and focus on deep space exploration. Ed Mango, NASA's Commercial Crew Program manager, said in a statement that "the next American-flagged vehicle to carry our astronauts into space is going to be a U.S. commercial provider."


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