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Global ocean currents, visualized

Global ocean currents, visualized

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NASA's space visualization studio put together a mesmerizing animation of our planet's swirling ocean currents.

How's this for a Sunday (or every day) activity: watch the embedded video in High Definition.

It's an animation created by NASA's space visualization studio, showing ocean currents around the globe using data collected between 2005-2007 -- and it's absolutely mesmerizing.

It was created using the ECCO2 model, which "maps ocean and sea ice data across the world at impressive resolutions that can resolve ocean eddies and narrow-current systems that don't show up in coarser models," wrote Duncan Geere of Wired UK. "These currents tend to be the main drivers of heat, salinity and carbon transport in the oceans."

Here is a 3-minute video, but head to NASA's website for the full 20-minute version.

Image: NASA, the gulf stream

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