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App helps users truly connect

App helps users truly connect

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Highlight app lets users know when they are physically near a possible companion.

A new app is using technology to bring people closer together.

The Highlight app alerts users when they are physically close to someone who shares a common interest, common background or mutual friend. Users must sign up for the service to be on the virtual radar and the app runs in the background, altering individuals when they are close to someone else.

Davison told Reuters: "Nothing affects our happiness or influences our lives more than the people around us. But the way we find or learn about them is--and always is--completely random and inefficient."

Davison believes people are interested in sharing information about themselves and cites the success of social websites including Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook. With Highlight, Davison is taking the technology to the next level.

"If you and I are friends and both live in San Francisco and are three miles apart, that's not that interesting. But if you and I are both in Kansas three miles apart--and didn't travel there together--that's really interesting," Davison said.

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