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Q&A: Cake Health organizes your medical bills

Q&A: Cake Health organizes your medical bills

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Cake Health is like for your health bills. I interviewed Cake Health's co-founder Rebecca Woodcock at the Rock Health demo day.

SAN FRANCISCO -- At Rock Health demo day, I interviewed Rebecca Woodcock, co-founder of Cake Health. Like the financial service, Cake Health lets you track your health care bills.

Watch my interview with Woodcock:

After Cake Health presented, Omada Health, Skimble, and WeSprout presented their companies. Omada Health developed a web-based program for chronic disease prevention - and the company is focusing on prediabetes with recommendations based on clinical studies. Skimble will get you into shape with its fitness app with the aid of virtual personal trainers and a GPS sports tracker. WeSprout lets parents keep track of their childrens' health.

"We're incredibly proud of the progress our teams made in the five months they spent at Rock Health. Simply put, they nailed it on Demo Day," said Rock Health's founder Halle Tecco.

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