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Kindergartners get ready to launch 1,000 ping pong balls into space

Kindergartners get ready to launch 1,000 ping pong balls into space

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A project that has kids launching mini-experiments into space hopes to get them interested in astronomy.

Getting kids interested in space really isn't that hard - just show them some awesome footage of the moon landing, or of the crazy solar storms on our sun. But one project is taking things to the next (atmospheric) level by having kids actually do experiments in space. Their projects fit inside ping pong balls, and they're headed up to 100,000 feet on weather balloons.

What kinds of projects do kindergardeners do? All kinds. The kickstarter page highlights one of the cooler ones:

My favorite is the marshmallow. You put a marshmallow inside the ping pong ball. At 100,000 feet the marshmallow puffs up completely filling the ball. Then it freeze dries. The student gets to hold in her hand the direct results of traveling the top of the atmosphere.

The project, called PongStats, has reached its goal for funding on Kickstarter. But they could probably use a couple of extra bucks. There are at least 530 students signed up so far. In total, they're thinking they'll get about 1,000.

Makes me almost wish I was a kindergartner again. Almost.

Via: Kickstarter

Image: NASA

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