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Infographic: Maternal Death Rate Per Country

Infographic: Maternal Death Rate Per Country

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An infographic from the Maternal Health Task Force shows maternal mortality across the globe.

Over at the Maternal Health Task Force, forum leaders are constantly searching for a way to educate the world about maternal mortality.

According to reporting by Jen Quraishi at Mother Jones, this infograph was created by Hannah Schreiner for the Maternal Health Task Force.

*Some highlights from the infographic include:

  • An estimated 342,917 maternal deaths occurred in 183 countries, according to WHO (World Health Organization).
  • India was first in maternal mortality with 68,310 deaths per year.
  • Nigeria was close behind with 36,666 deaths per year.
  • Pakistan was ranked third with 20,091 deaths per year.

*Based on 2008 numbers

via Mother Jones

via Maternal Health Task Force

Image: via Hannah Schreiner

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