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A Facebook app that wants your blood

A Facebook app that wants your blood

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A new social media platform connects blood donors and those in need.

Think about the last time you gave blood. You probably felt pretty good about yourself, withstanding just a bit of pain for the possibility of helping to save another person's life. Donating blood in India doesn't typically carry that same do-gooder appeal. People are much more wary of donating there, and blood shortages commonly result.

Co.Exist reports that an ex Rutgers University student has returned to India to help add some social appeal to the donation process. Twenty-two year old Karthik Naralasetty has created a Facebook hack, Socialblood, for potential blood donors and recipients to meet.

Co.Exist's Michael J. Coren explains:

The online platform is still simple (and limited): users register by joining one of eight groups in their blood type. Friends are invited to join campaigns, post messages in emergencies or respond to blood donation requests. Their Facebook messages let them know of any appeals.

Socialblood also operates through a separate website that maps donors and blood centers. Naralasetty received an award from this year's Staples/Ashoka Youth Social Entrepreneur competition for the platform.

[via Co.Exist]

Photo: Peter Kazanjy/Flickr

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