Rethinking Healthcare

Rethinking Healthcare examines innovation in the health care industry covering topics such as electronic and personal health records, treatment, privacy, regulation and using information technology to


How checklists can keep you alive after surgery

Having correct procedures on hand, knowing them, and implementing them make the difference between patients surviving surgery and dying after it. If a low-tech checklist in the hands of a nurse can so...


The medical-industrial complex in an age of reform

The difference between the roughly 16% of GDP we pay for care and the 10% Canadians pay doesn't all go toward insurance company profits. Most of it runs through this medical-industrial complex.


Do not tax Coke, tax corn syrup instead

Corn syrup from ADM put the American sweet tooth into overdrive. Many of the roughly 300 extra calories we consume each day, compared to a few decades ago, come from products containing corn syrup. Co...