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Watch first ever live shots from inside Northern Lights

Watch first ever live shots from inside Northern Lights

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Extreme-sports cameras capture the action from within the aurora borealis, 100,000 feet above Alaska.

Camera company GoPro sent some of its extreme-sports high definition cameras up into the charged particles of the Northern Lights. The result: some action-packed shots in a video that includes moving and still scenes of what the company claims are the first ever images from inside the lights - also known as the Aurora Borealis - where solar wind and geomagnetism combine to put on a show. The video seems to be a montage from land and space, but I take GoPro at its word that this includes footage shot from helium balloon rigs at 100,000 feet above Alaska earlier this month. Have a look, and hold onto your hair. If the embed doesn't work (Vimeo seems to have taken it back after first letting us have it) then click here or on the video credit below:

"Plasma Jam" | First Photos/Video INSIDE the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from Cortex Network on Vimeo.

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