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Infographic: Do 'green' homes sell faster?

Infographic: Do 'green' homes sell faster?

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Some houses are selling faster than others -- even in this dismal market. Find out what features help homes move quickly.

Have a home that won't sell? For that next open house you might want to scrap the ol' fresh-baked-cookies-in-the-oven trick and lure potential buyers with solar panels instead. A study by National Renewable Energy Labs found that a photovoltaic solar system on the roof made houses sell 20 percent faster and for 17 percent more than non-solar homes.

The folks over at One Block Off the Grid put together the infographic below on what energy efficient upgrades -- including spray foam insulation and high-performance windows -- that could help your home sell faster.  The information is valuable even you don't have plans to sell anytime soon. Find out what features are worthy investments and what homes might not have the best resale value in the short term.

Photo:Flickr user Diana Parkhouse, CC 2.0


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