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Eco warrior: The crocodile who eats lawnmowers. A video.

Eco warrior: The crocodile who eats lawnmowers. A video.

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Attention environmental activists: Elvis is in the house. A 16-foot crocodile with the same name as Ol' Swivel Hips attacks a lawnmower, in Australia of course. That's one way to fight CO2. Cars next?

Only in Australia: Watch this angry 16-foot crocodile named Elvis (below) attack and steal a lawnmower at a reptile park near Sydney, hauling it to the bottom of his pond, and losing a few teeth in the process.

That's one way to combat CO2 emissions. Or to apply a new twist to carbon sequestration.

But Elvis' intentions might not have been so noble. According to the BBC the noisy machine bugged him when it invaded his space. Elvis also has a history of rather unpleasant behavior. He's eaten two of his girlfriends, and wranglers rounded him up in the first place because he was pestering boats in Darwin Harbor.

But if you're an eco warrior, keep an eye on this potential soldier. Elvis is in the house!

In case the click-thru above doesn't work, or if you want a different account, look at the ITN news version, which includes a voice over.

Crocodile sign: Wikimedia

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