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Social Media Week kicks off in Hong Kong

Social Media Week kicks off in Hong Kong

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HONG KONG -- On the menu are Facebook apps, mommy blogging and Twitter dating.

HONG KONG — From Feb. 13 to 17, Hong Kong joins 20 other cities around the world in hosting Social Media Week.

The five days of around 40 panel discussions and other activities will center on trends in social media. Topics will include ways that companies and individuals can effectively use Facebook and other social-media platforms to promote themselves.

There will be a heavy focus on business strategies, such as using celebrity endorsements in social media marketing, the phenomenon of “mommy blogging” and how to create Facebook apps to improve branding.

One events will cover how social media is supporting social movements. There will also be a Twitter dating event on Valentine’s Day where users can “find like-minded people" with the Twitter smart-phone app.

Regionally, Hong Kong is poised to play a significant role in the use and business of social media. “Hong Kong has Facebook, China doesn’t,” said Karen Cheng, a digital strategist at Ogilvy & Mather, referring to mainland China’s censorship of the social-media giant.

This year, Singapore and Tokyo have been added to the roster of places participating in Social Media Week. Hong Kong had previously been the only Asian host city.

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