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A simple, space-saving redesign of the bulky British power plug

A simple, space-saving redesign of the bulky British power plug

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The sleek, collapsible, award-winning reconceptualized British power plug is now available to the public.

Developed in 1947, the British power plug was one of the clunkiest power plugs in the world, and hasn't been changed much since.

Now, in an effort to streamline one of the biggest three-pin plugs in the world, product designer Min-Kyu Choi, of Made in Mind, has come up with a new idea: The Mu.

The idea is simple, the Mu is a folding USB adapter that reduces the overall size of the plug by more than 70 percent.

Choi did this by developing a rotating central pin, called PVTtechnology (that took three years to develop and that is protected by six international patents), that allows the adapter to fold flat.

The Mu, however, is technically an adapter and potentially cannot provide enough power, say, to charge a lap top, or anything that requires large amounts of power, though the designer says that a solution to this problem is currently in the works.

The Mu received the top awards for Product Design of the Year and Overall Design of the Year from the 2010 Brit Insurance Design Awards. The Mu took two years to get from concept to product, and has launched today, February 17, for £25.

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