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Marriott charges up hotel parking lots

Marriott charges up hotel parking lots

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If you're heading for a Marriott property in California, Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Las Vegas or Denmark, you can now consider using your electric vehicle.

International hotel chain Marriott has installed at least 25 electric vehicle charging stations at locations in California, Florida, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Las Vegas and Denmark.

The stations are all Level 2 technologies, and they are available specifically for hotel guests. Another 10 charging stations are being installed at eight Marriott hotels by the end of 2011. If a Level 2 charger isn't available, the hotel will make an attempt to provide Level 1 charging, if possible. This is a much slower method of charging that uses a typical 120-volt outlet, just like the sort you have in your home. Level 2 chargers, which typically use 240 volts, will charge an electric car much more quickly.

By the way, the cute red number in the photo is an Inizio parked outside The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Charlotte, N.C. That hotel also happens to be the first LEED Gold-certified hotel in Charlotte AND the first Gold certified hotel for the Ritz-Carlton chain. The hotel's web site doesn't disclose how much (if anything) a guess has to pay for charging their vehicle, but it DOES offer free valet parking to anyone who arrives via an electric vehicle.

While it is investing in electric vehicle technology, Marriott has also decided to buy another three electric vehicles for the maintenance and security fleet at its corporate headquarters location.

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