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Find out how your corporate sustainability programs map into your compliance responsibilities

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Figure out what's next in sustainability compliance with this auditor's guidebook.

A few weeks back, I reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission is getting more clued in to the whole corporate sustainability movement and that business leaders needed to plan accordingly. Now, there's a new guidebook out from the Institute of Internal Auditors that details how corporate sustainability programs or corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts might impact your compliance initiatives.

Stuff covered in "Evaluating Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainable Development" includes the following:

  • What risks you might be incurring by introducing or NOT introducing CSR efforts related to your core business
  • How you should catalog and track sustainability initiatives for data and information that might be pertinent to audits
  • How to make sure the goals and policies associated with different CSR or sustainability initiatives dovetail with laws

If you're a member of the Institute, you can download the guide for free. Otherwise, you'll have to pay $25.

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