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Watch world's largest wind turbine rise

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Not available from IKEA. Siemens' colossal, snap-together wind turbine assembly in Denmark. Presumably, the guy in the middle has read the instructions.


We last saw these 246-foot long wind blades lumbering along a Danish highway, on their way to the Oesterild test site in the north of the country. Well, just look at 'em now! Not only did they arrive (after a stop in the paint shop), but Siemens has lofted them into place.

Stunt pilots: Please forget you ever saw this.

These whoppers are the world's longest. Three of them together create a diameter of 505 feet - approaching two football fields long. They have a gap wide so wide a jumbo jet can fly through them (attention stunt pilots: don't even think about it).

Each turbine has a capacity of 6 megawatts. Siemens is testing them onshore, but the company says that when ideally situated offshore, one turbine can supply electricity to 6,000 homes. Spread a hundred or so of them in the sea, and you're talking serious power levels.

Watch them rise in the photos below. I haven't written captions, but you'll get the picture, so to speak:

Photos from Siemens.

More blades of glory, on SmartPlanet:

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