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U.K. supermarket offers 3D printed shopper replicas in store

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Going a step further than photo booths, U.K. supermarket chain Asda is trialling 3D printing scanners that allow you to create miniature replicas of yourself.

Starting at £40, shoppers popping in for their milk and bread can hop into a scanning booth, where a 3D digital model is generated and sent away to be made up in ceramic.

To build a three-dimensional replica of the subject, cameras take two minutes to scan from a variety of angles. After being sent away to a lab, the blueprint is recreated in 3D by printing it in thin, liquid ceramic layers.

Consumers can scan what they like -- whether it is themselves, their pets or objects -- and the models can be produced in full-colour, white or a bronze-style coating.

In a statement, Asda said:

"Evolving well beyond simply filling frames with photographs of friends and family, 3D printed 'mini me' figures will add a whole new dimension to shoppers' mantelpieces. The lifelike models are also expected to be popular as personalised wedding cake toppers, and you could even have a model of your family pet."

Asda's York store will trial the technology from 15 October, and if it proves popular, the supermarket chain plans to roll out the scheme nationwide.

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