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Uber readies expansion in China

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Uber is readying its launch in to mainstream Chinese markets.

The controversial private car rental business has caused ire for taxi services in the U.S. who believe the firm's app cuts out the traditional drivers -- as well as undercuts them on price -- by connecting Uber users directly with drivers through their mobile device.

Los Angeles is the latest city to pick on the car rental service, having sent the firm "cease and desist" letters, claiming that in the interest of public safety, the "unlicensed operations" have to stop.

The U.S. may not be best pleased, but it doesn't seem to have stopped Uber from planning its global conquest.

Job postings on a Shanghai-based site show that the company is hiring ahead of an official launch in the region, in addition to the in-house jobs board which advertises jobs in Beijing and Hong Kong.

The car rental service currently operates in Singapore, Taipei, and Seoul, but adding mainland China to its portfolio can only push the service on the up.

As part of Uber's push into China, the firm's CEO Travis Kalanick said in an interview earlier this month that the company is "is seeking 'hundreds of millions' of dollars in a new financing round to fund its expansion to cities in China and around the world."

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