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TSA donates abandoned airport security clothing to veterans

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Everything from jackets and underwear to full suitcases of clothing are abandoned at airports and usually destroyed. However, a new act aims to give some of our discards to those who need them.

The Clothe a Homeless Hero Act, recently signed into law, now allows the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and partner airports to collect abandoned clothing in order to donate it to veteran organizations and charities.

Introduced last summer, the act was approved late last year by Congress, later followed by U.S. President Obama signing off the decree in January this year. Before the act became law, such items were either unceremoniously destroyed, picked up by government surplus agencies or given to police units to train sniffer dogs.

A number of airports are now on-board with the scheme, including Reagan National Airport. Representative Tulsi Gabbard would like to push consideration for veterans further, by making sure airports have to expedite screening procedures for wounded or disabled veterans.

Via: The Washington Post

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