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Troublemaking kid or future entrepreneur?

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When your adolescent boy is being defiant, just tell yourself: maybe he'll be the next Steve Jobs.

That's because a new study found a connection between male adolescence who exhibited rule-breaking behavior -- like disobeying parents, cheating on tests, skipping school, or shoplifting -- and entrepreneurship.

The study, conducted by researchers in Sweden and Germany, analyzed data from a 40-year study that followed 1000 children from 10-years old to adulthood. The conclusion: Male participants who pushed the boundaries and broke the rules as young people -- but weren't regularly involved in criminal activity -- were more likely to start their own business.

The rationale: "It is decisive for entrepreneurs to realize innovations and visions. In people who are able to take those unusual and risky routes, a proximity to non-conformism can often be found. This courage to explore the unusual and the novel could have its roots in adolescent rule-breaking behavior."

Read more on the study here.

[Via Bloomberg Businessweek]

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