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Toyota forced to pull 1.3 million vehicles off the road

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Car manufacturer Toyota is being forced to recall 1.3 million cars worldwide following the discovery of airbag and windscreen wiper problems.

The Japanese carmaker announced the recall of mainly U.S.-based models, all of which are left-hand drives. The recall includes 907,000 Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles -- over 750,000 sold in the United States -- and roughly 385,000 Lexus IS's.

Reports have flooded in that some airbags are being deployed without reason and seatbelt restraints are being affected due to faulty circuits. In addition, the Lexus is being recalled because of concerns that windscreen wipers may not work in adverse conditions.

The recall is the latest misstep the firm has had to face. In November last year, Toyota had to recall 7.4 million vehicles over faulty window switches. In November, the firm recalled 2.7 million vehicles worldwide. Nine models, including the Prius hybrid and Toyota Corolla, were taken off the road due to technical faults with steering mechanisms and water pumps.

Toyota says that owners of affected vehicles will be contacted and have their cars checked for free.

(via The Guardian)

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