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The Sora electric superbike hits Canadian streets

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The latest all-electric vehicle to hit our streets is the Sora superbike, which can go 185 miles on a single charge.

Recently certified by the Canadian Ministry of Transport, the bike's manufacturer, Quebec-based Lito Green Motion, has received attention over the $41,000 bike, which is currently available for test driving.

The Sora -- "sky" in Japanese -- comes equipped with a 12 kWh lithium polymer battery that allows a rider to travel for up to 300km on a single charge, encased in an aluminium chassis. Conventionally, this charge will take eight hours, or just 90 minutes on a quick charge system. Once the process is complete, the bike -- connected and complete with an 5.7-inch touch-panel LCD touchscreen dash -- will send you an email notification.

One problem with all-electric vehicles is range anxiety; the concern that you simply won't have enough juice to reach your destination. To try and combat this, the Sora comes with a "safe range system" that will tell you how much energy you need -- and manage it for you -- in order to get to your destination once you've input your location into an integrated GPS system.

The manufacturers emphasize that the bike is built to satisfy a rider based on performance, and also comes with an electric seat that can be adjusted depending on your driving conditions.

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