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The Morning Briefing: The new buzzword 'Crowdfunding'

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"The Morning Briefing" is SmartPlanet's daily roundup of must-reads from the web. This morning we're reading about crowdfunding.

1.) Crowdfunding for 'entrepreneurs who are spread thin'. Alejandro Cremades, co-founder of New York City-based crowdfunding platform Rock The Post, has one key piece of advice for entrepreneurs about their business plans: "simplify as much as you can."

2.) Is your company barking up the right fundraising tree? Corporate competitive crowdfunding is the hot new buzzword helping to define one aspect of corporate giving, a charitable category that has been on the rise.

3.) Crowdfunding 101: A comparative look at Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Razoo. Buzzwords and catchphrases evolve when there is some cool opportunity for success. People get excited, and sometimes we realize that "easy" success actually only works in very specific circumstances. One of today's buzzwords is crowdfunding.

4.) Kickstarter kickstarts crowdfunding in the UK. Woah, yeah -- kickstart my heart, hope it never stops! Kickstarter is now in the UK to help the Internet pay to make your dreams a reality.

5.) Why Wing Commander's Chris Roberts turned to crowdfunding. Industry pioneer Chris Roberts is looking to support a new game by raising at least $2 million via crowdfunding on his own official website -- not through the ever-popular funding site Kickstarter.


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