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The Morning Briefing: The 'Internet of Things'

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"The Morning Briefing" is SmartPlanet's daily roundup of must-reads from the web. This morning we're reading about the concept of the "Internet of Things."

1.) Why aren't robots doing my dishes yet? The world of machines is real and it's coming. Many refer to it as Machine-to-Machine (M2M), the Internet of Things, or the Industrial Internet.

2.) Nest CEO Fadell: Internet of Things is a decade away. We've still got a ways to go before it's common to see all manner of machines hooked to the Internet, says the CEO of a startup hoping to do just that with its smart thermostat.

3.) If you like delicious coffee, you are going to looooove the Internet of Things. This is a scenario that's fantasy right now, but it's also just around the corner technologically speaking. It's one of the secret benefits of the Internet Of Things, far more interesting than merely letting your fridge talk to the Internet.

4.) Loic Le Meur: Internet of Things is making huge impact on Silicon Valley. After dabbling in blogs, social networks and mobile, Loïc Le Meur has now turned his attention to the ‘Internet of Things’ and has chosen it as the official theme of Le Web Paris 2012, Europe’s biggest Internet conference, which takes place next week.

5.) Glimpse of your life in 2020 thanks to the Internet of Things. What if all objects were interconnected and started to sense their surroundings and communicate with each other? The Internet of Things (IoT) will have that sort of ubiquitous machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity.

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