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The Morning Briefing: The era of 3D printing

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"The Morning Briefing" is SmartPlanet's daily roundup of must-reads from the web. This morning we're reading about the future of 3D printing.

1.) Is the 3D printing industry about to start turning out lawsuits? The fledgling 3D printing industry is booming. But as it grows, so too will its list of enemies.

2.) Home 3D printing is killing the manufacturing industry. While we currently look at home 3D printing as the domain of the hopelessly nerdy, fact is that the 3D printer is past its infancy and is now in the gangly, awkward adolescent stage that all paradigm-shifting technologies face.

3.) 3D-print your own ancient art at museum Scanathon. Dubbed "Scanathon," an invited handful of artists, friends and coworkers from Autodesk and Instructables, and 3D enthusiasts carted iPhones, iPads, and DSLRs around the museum last Monday and Tuesday, using 123D Catch to capture art and print 3-D models of it.

4.) 3D printing? Make mine a mollusc. When you think 3D you probably imagine the cinema and popcorn, or that fancy TV you've just blown the kids' university fees on. What you probably don't think -- unless you're a particular breed of palaeontologist -- is molluscs. And certainly not printing them out in 3D.

5.) FormLabs Form 1 3D printer rustles up $1.4 million in Kickstarter funding. Aiming to bring high-quality 3D printing to more people, the Form 1 3D printer looks pretty cool and it’s currently being crowdfunded through Kickstarter.

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