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The Morning Briefing: Securing your mobile

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"The Morning Briefing" is SmartPlanet's daily roundup of must-reads from the web. This morning we're reading about mobile device security.

1.) Mobile malware menances, driving mobile application security. How serious is the threat posed by mobile malware? The accelerating interest in games, social networking, productivity apps and financial tools for mobile platforms has created a very serious threat indeed.

2.) Norton plans comeback with mobile security. In a bid to increase its penetration in India, Norton is revamping its pricing strategy, mobile security products, and focus on class B and C cities.

3.) Facebook offers free trials of security software from industry leaders (Video)

4.) IBM claims first with Hadoop data security suite. IBM is launching what it claims is the first data security system for Hadoop, as part of its biggest product rollout of security software and services yet seen from the company.

5.) Android virus alert: FBI launches laughable list of malware maladies. The FBI's IC3 department warns of Android viruses. It's published a list of anti-malware advice for smartphone and tablet users. It's calling out two nasties called 'Loozfon' and 'FinFisher' for special attention. But it turns out that they're 'just' Trojans.

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