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The Morning Briefing: An ageing population

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"The Morning Briefing" is SmartPlanet's daily roundup of must-reads from the web. This morning we're reading about ageing populations.

1.) Study finds aging population won't increase vehicle crashes. As baby boomers age, there has been a growing concern that traffic fatalities and vehicle crashes will spike especially since older drivers already are a high risk segment, but a new study finds that these changing demographics won't cause the crisis many are predicting.

2.) Podcast: Investing in China's ageing population.

3.) Paying for ageing: decision time. The looming challenges from the U.K.'s ageing population have been much debated but little addressed. That's because the solutions include changing the way policies are made.

4.) The population conundrum. As the financial crisis has unravelled previous assumptions about free market economics, analysis shows that perhaps the most significant driver of those returns was something else: demography.

5.) Are urban environments best for an ageing population? For an ageing society to function there needs to be a movement back to the cities -- but cities need to be adapted and designed with this in mind.

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