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The Morning Briefing: Airport security

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"The Morning Briefing" is SmartPlanet's daily roundup of must-reads from the web. This morning we're reading about airport security measures.

1.) Appeals court caves to TSA over nude body scanners. A federal appeals court on Tuesday said it was giving the agency until the end of March to comport with an already 14-month-old order to hold public hearings concerning the so-called nude body scanners installed in U.S. airport security checkpoints.

2.) Workers charge JFK Airport security inspections often rushed, incomplete. Security agents at John F. Kennedy International airport say the Transportation Security Administration and airlines are rushing them through crucial inspections.

3.) Hidden weapons at airport security: The TSA reveals 10 scary surprises.

4.) TSA puts 3 million fliers through faster security lines. Over the last year, 3 million travelers have zipped through special airport security checkpoints without having to remove their shoes, belts, coats or unpack their laptop computers, according to federal officials. They were participants in a program run by the TSA to let pre-screened, frequent travelers avoid long lines at security checkpoints at the nation's airports.

5.) Airport error: Officer trying to unload gun accidentally fires it. In a case of how not to do your job, a flight attendant forgot she had a loaded gun in her handbag when she passed through security at Philadelphia International Airport, and a police officer then accidentally fired the weapon while trying to unload it.

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