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The Morning Briefing: A snapshot of smart grids in 2012

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"The Morning Briefing" is SmartPlanet's daily roundup of must-reads from the web. This morning we're reading about smart grid implementation and worries.

1.) GE's industrial Internet, and the smart grid in the cloud. General Electric ties smart meters, grid sensors, and enterprise IT into a cloud-hosted package. But will utilities buy in?

2.) A template for utilities: smart grid privacy policy. Smart grid implementation, particularly smart meters, generates an unimaginable amount of data as part of the overall effort to improve energy reliability and efficiency, cut costs and help the environment. But all that data is not just a concern for the utilities that collect it.

3.) Who's watching? Privacy concerns persist as smart meters roll out. Energy consultant Craig Miller, who spends much of his time working to make the smart grid a reality, got a jolt when he mentioned his work to a new acquaintance. The man, who happened to be a lineman at a Pennsylvania utility, responded earnestly: "Smart meters are a plot by Obama to spy on us."

4.) Consumer agency wants fee dropped for declining NV Energy smart meter. The Las Vegas state Bureau of Consumer Protection is asking the Public Utilities Commission to drop a one-time fee for people who want analog power meters instead of smart meters.

5.) What keeps you up at night? 8 new solutions for grid worries. Are you worried about smart meter tampering? Whether you can afford a new SCADA system? How about the challenges of monitoring and managing disparate energy assets?

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