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The country's fastest highway

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Drivers looking for a fast ride may want to head to the Lone Star state.

Along 41 miles of State Highway 130, drivers will now be able to go as fast as 85 miles per hour, making it the country's highest legal speed limit.

The stretch is known as the Pickle Parkway, straddling Austin and San Antonio. The new speed limit is intended to ease congestion along Interstate 35, which links the two cities.

Though the Texas Transportation Commission approved the move to raise the limit on the highway last summer, critics argue that the move is likely to increase the number of highway fatalities. Experts have historically linked a highway's speed with fatalities. Still, the Pickle Parkway's speed limit is now only 5 miles per hour higher than other highways in Texas and Utah, which enforce an 80 mile-per-hour limit.

Photo: SH 130 Concession Company

via [Wall Street Journal]

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