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Tech giants form alliance to tackle cybersecurity

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A problem for consumer and business alike, cybersecurity is now being taken on by technological heavy-weights through a new alliance.

The Cyber Security Research Alliance (CSRA), a  private, non-profit research consortium, has been officially announced today in response to the growing threat of cybercrime.

Cyberattacks go beyond pinching someone's identity, using a PayPal account to pay for a shopping spree online, or even emptying a bank account. In recent years, systems from NASA, governments, Sony Playstation networks to entire banks have been brought down by prolific and skilled hacktivist groups.

Not only can cyberattacks be part of a political agenda, but millions of everyday people can be affected. Therefore, technology giants Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Honeywell, Intel Corporation, Lockheed Martin, and RSA/EMC have formed an alliance to try and tackle the urgent problem.

Priority research areas will include tracking cybrsecurity R&D activity, data and information sharing, and reducing the "grand challenges" of data migration and defense.

"The CSRA is organized to leverage expertise, from member companies and partners in government and academia," said Lee Holcomb, president of the CSRA and vice president of Strategic Initiatives, Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions. "Together we hope to create viable, game-changing cyber security solutions."

The alliance hopes to "bridge the gap" between  government funded R&D and commercially available products, in order to provide better solutions and improve cybersecurity knowledge not only for the consumer, but to protect businesses and governmental organizations in the future.

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