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Students design zero-emission sports car powered by the sun

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A team of students from the University of New South Wales, Australia, have built a sports car powered by the sun.

Dubbed "Eve," the zero-emission vehicle has two doors, two seats, a conventional steering wheel -- and solar panels on the roof. The battery pack should allow the car to travel at least 500km at normal highway speeds in one charge, and the makers say once you add solar energy to the mix, then the electric car is expected to travel roughly 650km.

On a trip through the heart of Australia, the students testing their creation say that the distance it is able to travel is "exceptional" for an electric vehicle (EV), and they "hope to keep pushing these sorts of boundaries" as solar panels become cheaper and more efficient -- and battery packs gain more capacity and are constructed to become lighter.

The car's makers say it could be Australia's first "practical, zero emissions car" that harnesses solar energy.

Via: BBC

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