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SnapCard lets you pay the IRS with bitcoin

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The list of things you can buy with bitcoin keeps growing from tickets to a Sacramento Kings game and a seat on a flight to space to a college education and off-road vehicles

And it's proving popular. began accepting bitcoin this year and on its first day the online retailer did $126,000 in sales, reported Wired. Heck, there's even speculation that Amazon will soon accept the digital currency. 

But what about the U.S. government, which until recently viewed bitcoin with skepticism and even fear? Officials with the Treasury and Justice departments have recognized the virtual currency as legitimate and financially viable. But it's hardly ready to start accepting bitcoin for payment. 

That's where bitcoin-based shopping site snapCard comes in. The company announced this week it's launching a pay-the-IRS service for its customers. Now, you can pay your taxes with bitcoins. 

SnapCard says it made the decision after a customer survey revealed big demand from customers to pay their bills with bitcoin. As a lead up to a new BillPay service, the company is offering a promotion where users can pay the IRS via snapCard. 

Once a user submits their pay the IRS option, snapCard processes a USD transaction through a payment processor. Users are charged a 1.87 percent fee for the payment process and a $10 fee from snapCard. 

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