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Smarter than a TED Talk (and sillier, too)

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Everyone who reads SmartPlanet is familiar with the TED Talks video series, in which thought leaders, experts and artists take the stage to explain -- in plain language -- innovations and learnings from various industries.

Some of those talks are massively popular on the Internet, and the organization has since seen backlash for popularizing ideas as a (massively lucrative) industry. Knowledge isn't just power; it's currency in the age of globalization.

American satirical news organization -- read: it's fake! -- The Onion has decided to train its satire beam on TED with "Onion Talks," a parody that claims to be "intelligent" and "genius" for its presentations on such topics as, "What is the biggest rock?"

The teaser, below:

"No mind will be left unchanged," it claims. We'd have to agree.

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