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ShoutRoulette makes yelling at people an Internet pastime

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When comedians and software developers hunker down in a room for 36 hours, the result is ShoutRoulette where people select a topic that rouses their anger and are matched up against someone who holds the opposing view. Think of it as rage 2.0.

ShoutRoulette was produced in New York last month during an event called Comedy Hackday. Organizers call it the “future of shouting directly at the face of another human being,” but also added the ability for people to just observe. Topics range from “Is Obama a citizen?” to the more lighthearted “Black squirrels are cooler,” and many others that should not be repeated in polite company.

Users can work up their rage by visiting a section that has inspirational Web links such as, Drudge Report, One Million Moms, and Vito Coco Coconut Water. Another option is to just randomly rant about anything to an empty chair. Who would have thought that Clint Eastwood would inspire a Web app?

Here’s an introduction and demonstration by its creators, Jeff Escalante, Emin Israfil, Matt Klinman, and Stephen Peek, who wanted to create a place online to “maybe make some change in the world.”

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